Sex Positions

Sex Positions

Best Sex Positions For Beginners

Sex is the best way to connect with your partner and share your love. You can feel each other in the best way possible when two bodies come closer. A Sex position is defined as the posture you take while having intercourse with your partner. From time to time, many new sex positions are coming into play. Initially, the missionary was the most common position practiced worldwide. 

However, now people have become more innovative, and new styles of doing sex are becoming the modern trend. But for those who are going down for the first time, the importance of a good sex position increases significantly. If you are going to do it for the first time with your lover, then there are some best sex positions for you:

  1. 1- Missionary 

It may sound boring to you, but missionary is the best, most comfortable sex position for both partners. In this position, the girl lays on her back while the boy takes charge from the top. This way, you can make face-to-face contact with the girl and kiss her while you are going deep. 

A missionary position is great because it provides maximum body-to-body feel and helps you read each other's expressions. The girl also feels comfortable when your face is right in front of her, and you are talking with her. You can spice things up by talking dirty while trying the missionary sex style.

  1. 2- Doggy Style

When a girl has her first time, she needs to stretch her legs a bit more than normal to prevent easy intercourse. Doggy style is one of the Best sex positions if you want things to go down smoothly. As the name suggests, this position involves the girl making a dog-like position by going down on her knees, and the boys come in from the backside. 

This position exposes the genitals of the girl, and it becomes easy for you to find and hit the perfect spot. For some reason, men seem to love this position more than all other styles. So for girls looking to please their lovers for the first time, doggy style is the option to go with. 

  1. 3- Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl Style

You can try another amazing sex position when you are going to do it for the first time. The simple breakdown of this position involves the girl sitting on top of the boy and riding him like a horse. For all those girls doing it for the first time, this Sex position is made for you because this way, you can control the intensity of your intercourse. 

The best part is that, the gravitational force comes into the picture, and you can also avoid getting pregnant or any such issues. In the reverse cowgirl position, the girl is facing the opposite side, and the boy has a view of her curves on your back. 

The list doesn't end here, as there are so many amazing positions for you to try. Whatever you choose, make sure to go slow for the first as you will get time to give your best in the time to come. After that, you can turn to platforms like SheKnows to get more ideas about the best sex positions.

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